Veteran's Day Night-O (2011-11-11)
Kategooria: Competition
Kaart/piirkond: Sunfish Lake Park
Korraldaja: MNOC
Ala: Night-O
Distants: 8.24 km
Aeg: 79:47
Keskmine pulss: 156
Maksimaalne pulss: 176
Completely botched the first control taking 14 minutes on a 200 meter leg. After that debacle, I settled in and pounded away at the course. The vegitation is very thick. Pushing hard in the dark, I took two falls, one entangled me in a barbed wire fence and the other toe smasher sent me crashing to the ground over a small boulder. Ah, orienteering at night, a different kind of game it is.
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Veteran's Day Night-O (2011-11-11)