Portugal training 3 (23/02/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Quiaios
Organiser: Clube de Orientacao do Centro
Country: Portugal
Distance: 5.91 km
Time: 61:15
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 171
Worked on finding a good line and verablized APs before starting leg. No streamer at 1, both attacks took me to the same (apparently correct) place. Tops of hills are golden. Terrain a lot trashier here than yesterday.
1: trail junction the first time, then prior hill top the second time
2: elbow of big hill prior
3: meant to be saddle before the control but the right "hill" was actually a depression, so attacked from depression
4: large hill just right of control
5: green hill top before control
6: no AP here - chose the large reentrant that control reentrant fed into as the "attackzone". Worked fine, but maybe a real AP would be better?
7: hilltop before control
8: hilltop with green slash
11: green hill on edge of circle
13: (started going to 5 instead of 4 on the way) trail junction, with bend of trail as a backup; needed it, never saw junction
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Portugal training 3 (23/02/2012) Portugal training 3 (23/02/2012)