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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Swedish League 7, chasing start (24/05/2015)
Beautiful terrain and lots of fast running today in a big pack.
10mila (09/05/2015)
Saturday 9 May 2015
Relay, leg 1|Results
Uppsala Möte Lång (26/04/2015)
Sunday 26 April 2015
Siggefora, IF Thor, Sweden
Long Distance|Results
Stigtomtakavlen (19/04/2015)
Sunday 19 April 2015
Brörkviks-Djupvik, OK Hällen, Sweden
Relay, leg 1|Results
Overall a good race. Felt like everyone was running too quickly for me in the beginning, but then it settled down. Should have fol...
Rånässtafetten (12/04/2015)
Sunday 12 April 2015
Gådersta, Sweden
Relay, leg 2|Results
The miss to 3 was bad, and I was obvioulsy having compass troubles the whole time. Except on the way to 8 where my line was awesom...
Lännamedeln (11/04/2015)
Saturday 11 April 2015
Stora Wäsby öster, Sweden
Lines are a bit squiggly, but overall pretty straight! Lost a bit time to 1, as I was hesitating when running along the bottom of ...