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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Tisdagsbana R (09/12/2014)
Tuesday 9 December 2014
Nåsten, OK Linné, Sweden
Running mostly alone. Some trouble trusting my compass.
UTH 2014 Siggefora (29/11/2014)
Saturday 29 November 2014
Siggefora, Albin Ridefelt, Sweden
NAOC Mixed Sprint Relay (13/10/2014)
Monday 13 October 2014
Gilles Grove, OOC, Canada
Sprint Relay, leg 3rd|Results
Went out 20 seconds behind Will and just a few seconds behind Michael. Small bobble on the way to three, checked my compass when I...
SM Stafett (28/09/2014)
Sunday 28 September 2014
Siggefora, IF Thor, Sweden
Relay, leg 1st
Sörmland DM Medel (13/09/2014)
Saturday 13 September 2014
Hugelstaskogen, Eskilstuna, Sweden
A solid race. Fairly straightforward course design.
Tuna Ting Lång (10/08/2014)
Sunday 10 August 2014
Gyllbergen Spånsan, Stora Tuna, Sweden
Thick under foot with blueberries and soft moss. Wet in the marshes at times.
Tuna Ting Medel (09/08/2014)
Saturday 9 August 2014
Gyllbergen Spånsan, Stora Tuna, Sweden
Tape holding the Garmin Strap together failed during the course, and I stuff the watch in my pocket. A bit later, the tracking is ...
Tiomila (03/05/2014)
Saturday 3 May 2014
Relay, leg 9th|Results
Stigtomtakavlen (18/04/2014)
Friday 18 April 2014
OK Hällen, Sweden
Relay, leg 4th|Results
Misread the leg from 5-6, thought that I could sneak through by the north edge of the lake. Running too fast, not reading the map ...
Rånasstafetten 2014 (13/04/2014)
Sunday 13 April 2014
Skogby, Rånas OK, Sweden
Relay, leg 4th|Results
I am pleased with this run. Error on 2, where I misread the vegetation and didn't check the compass, the vegetation wasn't easy fo...
Lännasprinten (12/04/2014)
Saturday 12 April 2014
Stora Wäsby Öster, Länna IF, Sweden
A good race for me. Lost time with my route to 13, The woods were open enough that straight would have likely been better.