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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Don't be like Gene (07/07/2018)
Sobota 7 Lipca 2018
Clinton Overlook
PTOC Stoll Park and JCCC + potluck (26/05/2018)
Sprint course on a hot day. It was the first really warm (93F) day of the year. The sun was hot. There was enough humidity to be u...
Bluff Woods PTOC Red Course (24/03/2018)
Sobota 24 Marca 2018
Bluff Woods, PTOC
The hills are big, too big for me. I also seemed to struggle with navigation throughout the course. I made a big mistake at 2. The...
OK event at Overlook March 2018 (04/03/2018)
Fun but rough course. I guess it seemed rough because the woods are junky and there was some climb. Also, it was warm (low 60s) an...
OK at Perry Bike Trails (17/02/2018)
Sobota 17 Lutego 2018
Perry Bike Trails
I ran the regular course after the MTBO and my legs were shot. Eric S set the course and it was fun. The stretch out to the tip of...
OK MTBO at Perry (17/02/2018)
Sobota 17 Lutego 2018
Perry Bike Trails
MTBO event with course set by Eric S on a map that is KP-based with some fieldchecking and a lot of work drawing trails from the l...
Woodridge OK January 2018 (28/01/2018)
Niedziela 28 Stycznia 2018
Woodridge, OK
Fun and fast course.
Landahl Green (20/01/2018)
Sobota 20 Stycznia 2018
Landahl, PTOC
Still not 100 percent recovered from a cold, so I ran Green and took it pretty easy. The stream crossings were difficult - very st...
GAOC 2018 day 3 (14/01/2018)
Niedziela 14 Stycznia 2018
Mistletoe SP, GAOC
GAOC 2018 day 2 (13/01/2018)
Sobota 13 Stycznia 2018
Mistletoe SP, GAOC
GAOC 2018 day 1 (12/01/2018)
Piątek 12 Stycznia 2018
Hard Labor Creek SP Lake Brantley, GAOC
SMP Score PTOC (07/01/2018)
Niedziela 7 Stycznia 2018
Shawnee Mission Park, PTOC
One-hour score event at SMP. Just above freezing and rainy. It was nice for running, but my hands and feet got cold between finish...